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Join us Tuesday through Thursday evenings and bring in this printed coupon to receive your choice of $5 OFF per person OR ONE FREE GLASS OF HOUSE WINE OR CHAMPAGNE per person!

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The Red & Green Steakhouse in Atlanta is the expensive surrogate child of Mr. Young Lee, a famously renowned business man in the Atlanta area. This guy made his fortune in land and laundry, as half the city has. Unlike the other half of the city, he’s dedicated what should be his retirement to making a killer restaurant, even if it earns him more friends than dollars.


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5979 Buford Hwy NE Suite B1, Atlanta, GA 30340

Phone: (678) 710-0888
Fax: (678) 710-0555

Monday:   CLOSED
Tuesday-Thursday:   11:30a to 3:00p Lunch, 5:00p to 10:00p Dinner
Friday:   11:30a to 3:00p Lunch, 5:00p to 10:00p Dinner
Saturday:   11:30a to 11:00p Dinner
Sunday:   11:30a to 10:00p Dinner